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  • Standard Package
    • Grading (O,D)
    • Grading Report
    • Play by Play Report
    • Play by Play Report
  • Pro Package
    • Grading (O,D)
    • Grading Report
    • Play by Play Report (Position Group/Player Filter)
    • Coach Report (Excel)
    • Player Comparison Report
    • Player Production Report
    • Situational Report (Filter)
    • 10 coach accounts
  • Elite Package
    • Grading (O,D,ST)
    • Grading Report
    • Play by Play Report (Position Group/Player Filter)
    • Coach Report (Excel)
    • Player Comparison Report
    • Production Report
    • Situational Report (Filter)
    • Player Report
    • Position Group Report
    • Gridiron Leaders Report (Promotes competition)
    • Create Custom Reports
    • 20 coach accounts

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Know about Optimum Grading

Optimum Grading provides a comprehensive, fully customizable web application designed from a coach's perspective to analyze players based on what the coach is teaching.

By default, players are evaluated from their alignment, assignment, technique, effort, and production results, and through reports a coach can understand where the player is exceeding or struggling.

What makes this system unique is the ability to customize your own production list and weigh each item accordingly. In addition, it allows coaches to decide what percentage the player's alignment, assignment, technique, effort, and production results are of the overall grade.

This powerful platform integrates play data with the coach's input on every play and ultimately allows the coach to run detailed reports to uncover how the players are performing overall and in situational football.

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I can’t tell you how amazed I am of this software. This is a game changer!

High School Coach

I’ve been coaching for 3 decades and have never seen anything like this. This system allows my staff to grade every player evenly across the board and pinpoint exactly where they need additional coaching.

NCAA Head coach

Thanks to this innovative software we’re going to start grading practices so that we can find out what concepts our players are struggling with so that we can better prepare them for to the game.

NCAA Head Coach

Optimum Grading can take your average player to an All State player in 1 short season. By evaluating their performance in a game as well as practice, it allows you as a coach and player to fine tune good and bad habits. I can first hand tell you that by having this program for the first season it has allowed us to do just that. We were able to take an honorable mention conference O-Lineman the previous season, to an All-Conference and All State O-Lineman. Thanks for developing such a great program for not only our kids but our staff as well!!

Jeff Kaiser LaVille HS - Indiana

The Absolute BEST Football grading ststems l've ever used & seen! Coaches grade practices, scrimmages, games! Track player production with just a few clicks! Usa it at every level HS to Pros!

Hardy Nickerson Former Ali-Pro NFL Linebacker & Coach

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